Grilled Chicken and Egg Salad in a Yogurt Dressing [Nutritional]

Non Vegetarian, Global
High Protein, Mineral Rich
No Cooking Required

This robust chicken salad is loaded with healthy delicious ingredients that can serve as a wholesome meal. Its packed with chicken, egg, caramelised onion, and chickpea all covered in a luscious yoghurt dressing. This high protein combination also contains the fiber rich veggie- red cabbage, that has the added advantage of a high Vitamin C content. All in all, this salad is perfect for a light yet healthy lunch or dinner.

NUTRITIONAL INFO (approx): High protein ( ≥35 gm), Vitamin C rich (≥25mg)

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Serving : 1 serving, 400 gms approx.
Preparation Time : No prep required
Difficulty Level : Easy
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