No Rice, Lo Carb, Teriyaki Glazed Sweet Potato or Chicken Cauliflower Fried "Rice" - (Nutritional)

Pan Asian
High Nutrition, Low Carb
No Cooking Required
A hearty No Carb "No Rice" dish made with cauliflower rice, teriyaki sweet potato or chicken, peas, and roasted corn. Enjoy the sweet and mildly spicy teryika flavor balanced with the crunchy peas and juicy corn.This healthy substitute-ingredient meal works wonders in the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant department since cauliflower contains a rich supply of phytochemicals as well as a high level of anti-inflammatory compounds, along with high levels of Vitamin C and A. The chicken delivers enough in the way of protein quantity to keep you satiated and have energy for a considerably longer period of time.
• Nutritional info (approx): High protein ( ≥35 gm), High potassium ((≥ 525 mg ).
• Nutritional tagging: Vegetarian, Low calorie, Good quality protein,
• Info: This delicious healthy meal will have you bouncing around with energy long through the day and is packed with enough and more antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties thanks to cauliflower as a rice substitute.
• Nutritional info (approx): High dietary fiber
Serving : 1
Preparation Time :
Difficulty Level : Easy
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  • NonVeg

  • Veg