Salads, Mains, Keto, Desserts & More... Great food cooked by expert chefs with the finest ingredients. Enjoy at work or home. New menu every Friday.
Great Food, packaged with care. We believe our food needs to travel and be presented with care. Our packaging is food grade, recyclable and microwave oven proof. Whats more, our cutlery is wooden.
Let us plan and deliver to you. Just sit back and Eat. Our subscription plans give you the flexibility and convenience.Whats more, they are affordable too.
KETO . Eat Fit, Get Fit. Flavor packed Keto meals. Make nutrition fun and flavoursome. Our well balanced, low carb, high protein, fat meals have been crafted just for that great experience. Fit Delivered!

Delivery across Bangalore

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  • We hear that you get food from others in 15 mins! Seriously? Fresh food takes time to prep so do give us the time we need to get you a good plate of food. We deliver in 45 minutes to Indira Nagar, Koramangala (not those fringe areas that you may like to call Koramangala), CV Raman Nagar, Jeevan Beema Nagar, MG Road, Ulsoor, HAL Airport Road (just upto the Old Airport please...) between 10:30am and 9:30pm daily (Please select the correct Delivery Locality to help us serve you better. We care about our food and believe we should get it to you wherever you may be! If you are away (like more than 6-7 kms away) from Indiranagar, we may just ask for a minimum order value of Rs 1000 and an additional delivery fee). Hoping you understand why...! And yes, our delivery staff (we can vouch they are sincere) know Bangalore but unfortunately not as well as you know your locality - so, if they call for directions, please indulge them. We just want to get you a great meal, on time.

    Order cut off times for Rest of Bangalore

    • 11am for 12pm - 2pm slot
    • 1pm for 3pm - 5pm slot
    • 6pm for 7pm - 9pm slot
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