Do you offer breakfast or lunch options?
We offer a casual dining menu that is an "anytime" menu as well as a main course meal menu that can be taken as a lunch or dinner option.
Which cities do you deliver in?
We are currently delivering in selected areas in Bangalore, India but aim to expand our presence very soon.
Can I send a Chefkraft meal as a gift?
Of course! The idea is to share the joy of cooking. All you need to do is choose the delivery address you want the meal to be delivered to and we will deliver it for you.
What pricing options are available?
We have 4 pricing options. The A la Carte option is individually priced per meal for 2 and our plan options have a fixed price across our menu with many other features. You can see our plans here
How many people does a meal feed?
Each meal is designed to feed 2 people but our experience has shown based on our portions, that most meals comfortably serve 3. Our Burger and pizza portions serve 4 people.
What should I expect with my first Chefkraft delivery!
We hope to offer you a unique experience of a great meal, cooked by you for yourself, friends or family which is made possible by great ingredients and our carefully crafted recipes. Our box is specially packed and cooled to ensure the ingredients remain fresh.
What are your customer service hours?
Our customer service operates from 11am to 10pm daily.
Do you charge for shipping?
A sum of Rs 50/- is charged per meal for A La Carte meals. Plan meals are always delivered free.


How do I change an existing order?
You can cancel and change an order as long as it is not out for delivery. Simply call us and let us know,
What is the minimum order size?
We are happy to deliver even a single meal and as such do not have a minimum order size.
What is the maximum order size?
There is no limit on order size for different meals being ordered. However, since each recipes is crafted to serve two people, we have limited order sizes based on each recipe. We recommend that you contact us for order sizes in excess of 4 meals (for 8 servings) as we will then provide you special instructions.


Who delivers my package?
Our Chefkraft team personally delivers the meal to you at your doorstep.
How do I dispose off the Chefkraft box and materials?
We care about the environment and reducing waste. We would be glad to collect our boxes and other packaging from you at the time of delivery or when you get your next delivery. Please do however clean the packaging with mild detergent prior to returning.
Is my shipping address inside your delivery range?
We are constantly increasing our delivery areas. You can check our current delivery areas here. We also encourage you to indicate if you would like us to come to your area here
What day of the week will my package be delivered?
We deliver on all days of the week except Monday. We are closed on Mondays
What if I need the delivery delivered at my office address?
We are happy to deliver at your office address. However, please instruct your security to allow our delivery team to enter your office premises. Also, please note that we do not recommend that you keep the box unopened for more than 4 hours after receiving your delivery.


What are your options on order plans?
We have 4 plans from which you can choose. a)À La Carte b)4 Meal pack c)12 Meal pack d)24 Meal pack
What advantage do I have of the 4, 12, 24 meal plans?
Please see our plans page for more details here.


Where do you source your vegetables from?
Most of our vegetables are sourced directly from the farm through our partner www.firstagro.com Some vegetables are sourced from vendors that today supply most fine dining and 5 star hotels in Bangalore. Some vegetables are sourced from vendors on the day of order, who also supply to most of the fine dining and 5 star restaurants in Bangalore.
Where do you source your poultry and meat from?
Our poultry is sourced on a daily basis from established vendors. We prep the fresh meat in our kitchen.
Where do you source your fish and seafood from?
Most of our fish and seafood is sourced from the leading seafood supplier in Bangalore. Our range of sea food includes Type B jumbo prawns, Sea Bass, Norwegian Salmon and Red Snapper.