We understand that a working lunch can come with it’s own set of requirements, at Chefkraft we’ve got you covered. From the portion sizes, course type to specially designed packaging, we want to make sure that your most valued assets are having a delicious, healthy and easy eating experience.Leave it to us to make the experience worth talking about.

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Whether it be an annual office meet, a team engagement or a client visit, Chefkraft has the answer to all your meal arrangement woes. We have a wide variety of options that you can choose from, or, we could choose for you. From a two or three course meal for your team to a delicious assortment of snacks and smoothies, we curate special menus based on requirements.

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Sometimes putting together the menu for a party can be stressful. Why not let Chefkraft handle the show? We will curate a special party menu based on your requirements, take care of the packaging and delivery so you wouldn’t have to worry about transportation, cutlery or service.We have a delicious assortment of main courses, snacks, desserts and smoothies for you to choose from. We guarantee your guests will be talking about your party spread for months to come.

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Executive Lunch Choose from our world cuisines
ItalianItalianTake your palate on a trip with us to the green Tuscan country-side with every bite of our custom curated Italian menu.
MediteraneanMediterraneanThe Mediterranean cuisine is quite diverse in itself, with a wide variety of ingredients and spices that would make any ordinary food pop with flavor.
PAN AsianPan-AsianExplore the diverse cuisines of Asia, all synonymous with remarkable flavours and vibrant colours.
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Corporate Meet-Ups A three course meal for your most valuable assets
SaladsSaladsHealthy yet utterly delicious, our spread of salads is sure to give your employees the much needed boost of energy.
MainMainMain courses from a wide range of cuisines, take your taste buds on a flavour ride
SnacksSnacksWe have it all, from chicken wings to spring rolls
Corporate DessertsCorporate DessertsEnd your meal on a sweet note with our delectable desserts
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Parties A three course meal for your most valuable assets
SnacksSnacksPick a healthier option to fuel your party, we have quite a variety for you to choose from.
MainsMainsParty spread gallore, nobody says you can only choose from one cuisine
DessertsDessertsSinfully delightful, these will have your guests hooked for the rest of the party
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